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John Stewart
Pro's: It gave me the background I was looking for. Cons: Given that it was free there are no really no cons.
David Williams
I came across Wealth Advisor while searching for investment advice online and they connected me with a great investment platform.
Stephen Graves
FX Broker
The live agent was very informative and helpful, advising on options and narrowing down until the right choice was clear. Would recommend.
Graham Townly
New to the world of crypto currency, I was unsure of options but wealth advisor on-boarded me with a partner that offered a diverse range of investment options.

Frequently asked questions

The major trusted exchange partners are absolutely safe, private and secure. All transactions are communicated using SSL technology, personal information is safe. We only recommend established and reputable platforms
The issue with centralized exchanges is that the ability to invest in crypto is potentially subject to investing though the government, so crypto becomes similar to other asset markets. If governments take control over centralized exchanges then investors are subject to authorities who might well track and tax users, or in a worst case scenario, even ban the cryptocurrency. Another plus point of DEX is security.
Wealth Advisor was established to help investors worldwide locate an asset class to invest in that is right for there portfolio. We work with some of the largest and most reputable brokers globally to ensure our clients receive quality customer service and information prior to them making an investment decision.